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Eyes: Green. What interests me even more than the chapbook form per se, is its status as one among many technological innovations writers have wielded in the conquest of a cheap vivid amateur and decentralized print culture. ... A suburban mother of two takes a fantasy-charged trip down memory lane that sets her very married present on a collision course with her wild-child past. Jason William LeeEVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH                  Clerk (Principal)                       Dir. She also had hosted the "Insight" segment of the News Hour at 6. What’s the idea behind Political? And when I say print culture, I mean that in the most expansive sense of the word. Or must we entertain one of McLuhan’s starker theses: is there room for the democratic way of life in our imploded world? ©Howard Richard Debs. He is listed in the Poets & Writers Directory. And that could be something like a face of a particular race or I mean, that’s kind of the obvious example, yeah, so I think we’ve covered it. He is co-editor of New Voices: Contemporary Writers Confronting the Holocaust, forthcoming in 2021 from Vallentine Mitchell of London, publisher of the first English language edition of the diary of Anne Frank. Hope was born and raised in a small town in the West Kootenays. HD 5:16Well, you’ve heard the one about the person walking into the bar. She also enrolled at the University of British Columbia from where she got graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. On-Camera Audition                       Crystal Lowe / Simon Longmore Deb Hope died at the age of 65 on October 8, 2020, by fighting against her six years long Alzheimer's disease. Debs Howard. Until next time, remember, it’s all political. She left her job in March 2014 after announcing she would be stepping down. Just Add Romance Mar. Terry Miles, CAW                                             Clarisse (Large Principal)       Dir. 6.6. NP 2:34Our lens on these topics takes its lead from media theorist Marshall McLuhan, who’s oracular maxim “the medium is the message” has proved as applicable to our current circumstances as it is susceptible to misunderstanding. Announcer 16:48Thanks for listening. NP 4:41Yes, I think so. Professional Actors Workout         John Emmet Tracy Debs Howard. Her birth name was Deborra Brown. Well, this one’s about the person walking into the library: “Fundamental Attribution Error” –I don’t want to be an alarmist but around the corner outside of this library in an alcove near the emergency exit there’s a good-sized chartreuse suitcase just lying on its side and people are passing by ignoring it; I saw it on my way in to return my books, it’s there next to a large plastic bag stuffed full, I’m not sure what’s inside the bag or the suitcase either so I thought I’d better let someone know–oh, you’re saying it’s someone who’s homeless, who left them there to come inside to cool off, they do it all the time–Okay, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide what to do I didn’t intend to cause a scare but you can’t be too careful nowadays, with so many crazy people out there you know what I mean. I want to get across the idea that Political the chapbook and this podcast which stems from it, both need to be considered in a much broader context than is commonly understood by the word today. Contact us. “The message of any medium or technology,” he writes, “is the change of scale or pace or pattern that it introduces into human affairs. Importantly, Delaney’s book was written in the shadow of another plague, that of the AIDS epidemic, which shut down the seedy movie theaters through which he a gay man in the New York of the 1970s defined and explored his own social identity. The couple was also blessed with two daughters. Even where limited access may still be enjoyed the necessity of social distancing cuts down on the type of chance encounters that Samuel Delaney citing Jane Jacobs, theorized under the term “contact” in his urban history “Times Square red Times Square blue.” “Given the mode of capitalism under which we live” Delaney writes “life is at its most rewarding, productive, and pleasant when large numbers of people understand, appreciate, and seek out interclass contact and communication conducted in a mode of goodwill.” Of course, this mode of human interchange has never been unproblematic and Coronavirus, is far from the first hazard it has posed to the body politic. Howard Zinn opined that "Debs was what every socialist or anarchist or radical should be: fierce in his convictions, kind and compassionate in his personal relations." How about this prose poem, Fundamental Attribution Error? We’ve got programs planned on alterity, the other; what it means to be a good citizen, how a community provides for change. Episode 1: Chapbooks, Pamphleteering, and All Things Political. Howard Richard Debs received a University of Colorado Poetry Prize at age 19. Examples include churches, parks, cafes, barber shops, and of course libraries. As Aristotle wrote, it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. She did her schooling from a local school. I graduated in 2018 with a degree in cognitive science afterwards working as a post graduate fellow in special collections at the Middlebury College Library, and I’ve since been working on a book-length project on archiving, autofiction, grief, and memory in the age of the internet. What you’ve tried to point out to us. She had a fair complexion with blonde hair and a pair of black eyes. NP 0:33Hi, I’m Nellie Pierce, a writer and scholar from Middlebury, Vermont. Hope gained recognition after she began working as an anchor and producer for Global TV's owned and operated station "CHAN-DT". Howie and Nellie talk political, storytelling, meaning-seeking animals, chapbooks, pressures on public space, and the history of communications media. She was living a luxurious lifestyle at the time of her death. Michael Ian Farrell The image could not be loaded. The image could not be loaded. So, she moved to Ottawa where she attended Carleton University and got graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. And for any listeners who might not be I believe it’s a term from social psychology used to talk about implicit bias. NP 6:35One thing I find interesting about this poem, Howie especially in our presently contracted public world, due to Coronavirus is its interrogation of what sociologist Ray Oldenburg calls third places, those increasingly rare sites in cities and towns where people of many different backgrounds can gather freely with little to no price of admission. Speaking of Oxford, by the way, if you check the Oxford Dictionary, going back to the 1550s, it’s all, of or pertaining to a polity, civil affairs, or government, from the Latin “politicus” of citizens or the state. Deb Hope was a former Canadian journalist, anchor, and producer who was well-known for being the anchor on the Vancouver Global TV owned and operated station "CHAN-DT". Her co-workers also said they had noticed she was beginning to make mistakes with words occasionally while reading the news. Debs Howard. Are you familiar with the psychological term? Hope worked as a host on the Early News at 5 pm and the "InSight" segment of the News Hour at 6 for the news station "CHAN-DT". We’re going to bring in guests from multiple disciplines, including artists and writers, anyone who has something to offer in terms of their thinking, and perspectives on the topics under consideration. In March 2014, she took retirement from her job. HD 15:52But I think that that’s about all we can squeeze in for today. In this era of fake news and tweets, with knowledge being devalued in many places, we need, more than ever, to rely on humanity’s history in all its truth, both the ugly and exemplary, to guide our decisions about what is happening around us, pointing where we might be headed. Deb Hope was a former Canadian journalist, anchor, and producer who was well-known for being the anchor on the Vancouver Global TV owned and operated station "CHAN-DT". View the profiles of people named Deb's Howard. DARK WATERS OF CRIME         Misty Cockerill (Principal)      OWN / Greg Nosaty, CLIENTS FROM HELL                Debby (Principal)                     TGK Films, UNREPRESENTED                     Stacy (Principal)                       Rutabaga Productions, 1,000 THINGS                            Carla (Large Principal)            Dir. MR. WRITE Rebecca (Principal) PixL / Rick Bota. One could argue that in our day, the internet has usurped the role of such gathering places. Deb Hope was a married woman. My essay “The Holocaust on Display” published in Hevria is written to justify the arts confronting the Holocaust, as they can and should and focuses on the exhibit of the remarkable photos of Henryk Ross at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. HD 3:44Actually, I wanted to deal with what’s happening around us every day, in terms of how people treat people, and then how that translates to our societal structures as well. The internet age makes it possible to “interact” with other writers, to produce the equivalent of “call and response.” When I saw video and photos of protesters in wheel chairs being dragged from the halls of the U.S. Congress I was at first enraged. She was survived by her husband and daughters. Go Dog Go. That’s essential and important, everything you’ve brought out there. Later, the reason for her retirement was found to be her Alzheimer's disease. Please share and tell somebody about it. I felt the need to provide a complementing piece, “The Salt March” is my contribution to the colloquy. have questions/comments/concerns? So, one of the things we hope to do through this podcast is introduce you to some ideas you thought you had well in hand, try to break things down a little bit, you might say perform deconstruction, not destruction, deconstruction. Just Add Romance. 1 of 22. Today, Howie and I will trace one section of these radical changes through a part of their and our history by discussing the ideas behind his chapbook Political. And I think your introduction to my article is perfect, because the emphasis that Aristotle places on humans, as animals of speech, is perfect for the angle that we’re taking on this topic of the realm of the political, it’s kind of coextensive with the realm of speech. [34] [35] Heywood Broun noted in his eulogy for Debs, quoting a fellow Socialist: "That old man with the burning eyes actually believes that there can be such a thing as the brotherhood of man. NP 16:31Yes. Global BC also tweeted about her demise and shared sympathy with her family. I also wanted to channel and champion, as I say, pamphleteering and the chapbook more generally because here again, the understanding is based on a very narrow impression, which is why I asked you to write your very illuminating article, “A Living History of the Chapbook and Beyond” and I’d like us to talk a little about that. And we’re hoping to have a call in feature too, to allow you to connect with us in even more ways. Then, she returned to British Columbia where she joined the now-defunct United States Press Canada. Deb Hope started her professional journalism career by working as a junior reporter for The Canadian Press in Ottawa. LUCIFER Party Girl (Principal) FOX / Eagle Egilsson. While in the University, she began her journalism career by reading news on the campus radio station, CiTR. HD 4:28Sure. Many of her colleagues shared their sympathy with Hope's family for her loss. DAY FOR NIGHT                         Deborah (Lead)                       Dir. The essay includes my poem “Pictures Of The Lodz Ghetto” with an accompanying audio reading. HD 15:24Indeed, indeed. NP 11:59Okay. Deb's first anchor job was on the Noon News. Full Time Acting Diploma               Victoria Motion Picture School: John Emmet Tracy, Tim Burd, Chris Mackie, David Mills, NEW BALANCE          VoiceOver         Worldwide / Arnold Worldwide, CAW                                             Clarisse (Large Principal)       Dir.

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