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continental tire assessment test

+ Shortest braking distance and excellent balance on wet surface, + Extremely good grip and therefore especially safe driving on wet roads, + Very safe steering behavior and very good deceleration on dry surface. This test, produced by Select International Inc., uses the latest technology and methodology to help companies and employers hire qualified employees that meet their specific requirements. Calculating euros per 1000km gives us an overall cost for the tyres life, where the cheaper tyres can still be cost effective, even with lower projected wear. Rating for the WinterContact™ TS 860: Test Winner. If so, you will presumably be taking an all-around assessment test which can include Talent Q verbal practice, numerical examinations, T/F/C questions, critical reasoning and more! Our 2020 tyre test showed that you don't have to spend more to get the better tyre. Part 1: Wet and dry braking test: selection of the best 20 products.Part 2: Complete test of only the finalists including wear performance and price. “Shortly after we fitted the system, it detected a pressure loss in a tire. Winter UHP tyres for premium sports cars. Your non-verbal abilities are measured here, by displaying matrices and series of shapes, and asking you what is the next shape in this series. Only applicants who decisively demonstrated adaptability, analytical thinking, commercial awareness and leadership are usually pursued for the final interview that often ends in a job offer. The 18-inch tires in the test are suitable for cars from the compact class, like the VW Golf, to mid-range models such as a BMW 3-Series or Mercedes C-Class. Learn more about how the ContiPressureCheck TPMS works. 2020 Sport Auto All Season Tyre Test (225/45 R18), 2020 All Season Tyre Market Overview - 32 Tyre Braking Test (205/55 R16), 2020 Tyre Reviews All Season Tyre Test (225/45 R17), 2020 All Season Tyre Market Overview - 32 Tyre Braking Test, 2020 AutoBild Van All Season Commercial Tyre Test, New VS 4mm VS 2mm All Season Tyre Performance, 2019 19 Inch Performance Winter Tyre Test, 2020 Auto Bild Performance Winter Tyre Test, 2020 Winter Tyre Market Overview - 52 Tyre Braking Test, Summer, All Season, All Weather, Winter, Nordic Winter and Studded Tyres Tested, 2020 Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R VS Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS VS Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. The Transport and Logistics Industry Tests, 3 Talent Q Elements-style verbal practice tests, 16 numerical reasoning (tables & graphs) tests, 19 deductive & critical reasoning practice tests, 1 full-length personality profiling practice test. We were able to repair the puncture and saved the cost of a new tire, which meant that the system paid for itself in the first instance that it detected a problem.”, Hear how Jimmy Savage is using ContiPressureCheck to deliver his Lowest Overall Driving Cost. Continental engineers or our carefully trained service partners perform the installation, along with mounting the CCU and additional antenna to the vehicle’s frame. Among the sixteen 18-inch tires for compact and mid-range models tested, the … These tests will give bring to light your ability to use data to solve business-related problems. we have received the highest recommendation. Continental AG aptitude tests are used to gauge your skills in areas for the position you are applying. We have taken our years of experience and put it to use in helping over 1,000,000 job seekers & students reach their goals. But that's not enough just yet: It is important to us that our tires also perform well in independent tests. The German magazine Gute Fahrt has published in issue 03/2020 the Summer Tire Test 2020. In 2018 experts of the German publication Auto Bild have tested the Continental All Season Contact at size 195/65 R15 and compared it with nine similar budget, mid-range and premium tyres. Continental AG and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. It's always nice when the data from two different tests, in difference sizes, performed in different conditions are similar, and this is what we have between the Auto Bild results, and our own. Dressing smartly for your interview is important, however, it is only one part of successfully being recruited for the job you have applied for. It delivers real-time tire temperature and pressure data to the driver in a user-friendly birds-eye view. The German magazine Auto Zeitung has published in their current issue (6/2020) the Summer Tire Test 2020. Keep in mind that although the tests are challenging, or even intimidating, this does not have to be an obstruction on your road to obtaining your dream job. Learn how to handle Intelligent Tire retreads and policy details. It is also used when tires are rotated, for example, to reassign the sensor to the new wheel position. Auto Bild also tested the new Vredestein Quatrac, which replaces the Quatrac 5. When it comes to tire safety, no distance is too far for our engineers. Sensors can be installed in your existing Continental tires by a certified dealer, or you can order intelligent tires, which arrive pre-equipped with sensors from the factory. Be sure to check out the Auto Bild website for the full data. Continental’s R&D expert Andreas Schlenke explains how testing – from virtual simulations to objective and subjective tests – is an integral part of every single phase in tire development. The tested tire size was 245/45 R18 100 Y, test vehicle was a BMW 5 series. The Continental AG assessment usually uses the Talent-Q's Elements tests. Overall Continental AllSeasonContact review. With the promise of one tyre to work in all conditions, all season tyres are a rapidly growing market segment. ContiPressureCheck will inform you of the real-time status of your tire pressure and temperature, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve issues. Your email address will not be published. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. Succeeding in pre-employment assessment is not an easy feat. Small road imperfections were succinct and well damped with larger impacts sometimes on the stiff side, however never upsetting. Application. Great on the snow: one of the shortest braking distance and good handling speed. Relatively short dry braking distance and average handling. There was a 5.3 meter spread between the best and worst all season tyres, with the summer tyre stopping significantly behind the group. The tested tire size was 215/50 R18 V/W, test vehicle was a VW T-Roc. Continental Online Assessment 2 (CoMo) consists of 38 questions. In this testing, the Continental proved to be the best on the road tyre, largely thanks to … Continental was: a) 0.3km/h slower, than the best a/s tire; b) 0.1km/h slower, than winter; c) 26.1km/h faster, than summer. About our ContiSportContact TM 5: Want to see for yourself where progress in tire development is being driven to this day. According to the test results Continental took 2nd place. Continental’s Hand Held Tool is used to wirelessly program each tire sensor. Your safety is our top priority. You could possibly also discuss the company’s business objectives, your future duties and benefits you will be given if you qualify for the organisation. From autonomous driving to e-mobility to sustainability, discover how Continental goes beyond tires and helps shape the landscape for our future cars. It is, therefore, necessary to come to your assessment well-prepared. The Continental AG recruitment process can take a few weeks. The evaluation consists of 3 parts:Part 1: Wet braking test: selection of the best 30 productsPart 2: Snow braking test of these 30 products: selection of the best 20 Products, the so called "finalists".Part 3: Complete test of only the finalists including wear performance and price. These tests are commonly scored based on the number of correctly answered questions. JobTestPrep can shape your way to success with our detailed Continental AG preparation materials. To find out which of these all season tyres is best, and whether they can match a summer and winter tyre, the 2020 Tyre Reviews all season tyre test has tested nine of the best 225/45 R17 all season tyres on the market, and included a summer and winter tyre as reference. See what a fitness tracker has in common with our pressurecheck system for tires. View the Interactive Presentation here. That is why Continental takes all possible safety and comfort aspects into account when developing its tires. Executives have come to the decision that applicants’ personality and professionalism cannot be properly assessed based on written tests. Trailers are equipped with tire sensors only, no electronics needed. The same TPMS sensors form the backbone of all Continental’s Digital Tire Monitoring solutions, including our ContiConnect Yard Reader for fleet terminals, ContiPressureCheck Integrated with telematics, and ContiPressureCheck Solo Trailer TPMS.

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