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cone ginger care

I had only witnessed the leaves rustling in the evening breeze as I strolled around my property. A week or so ago, I was in my backyard. Would you like some?" I eased my aging hulk down on one knee so that I could photograph the baby pine cone and my shutter button refused to budge. That is a great question. In the beginning, the tightly closed cone was all that I was allowed to see. Patricia Scott (author) from North Central Florida on September 21, 2019: The pine cone ginger will survive in TN. With a bad back now, compliments of inattentive driver, and the knees getting a little “arthur-ritis,” I’m never quite sure when I get down on one knee that I’ll be getting back up. Patricia Scott (author) from North Central Florida on October 13, 2014: Hi Ellabee You know I am not sure about that. Kathryn — I honestly don’t know. I love the step by step growth pictures you have shown. In Hawaii, its common name is “Awapuhi.”. Very glad for this hub and all of the information you've provided. The leaves were used by some to wrap meat in, which would season it. Is it possible to grow these in containers and bring it during winter? Red Button Ginger (Costus woodsonii) makes a bold addition to the garden. A reddish cone (next to it is a leaf-to-be still tightly wound closed) just beginning to take on its blushing hue. After a day or two, two fragile looking pale yellow blossoms appeared. In some locations, the roots are harvested, kept cool, and used for healing. Pinecone ginger also serves healing purposes. They do die back in the winter as I probably mentioned but they come back new and strong the next spring. So Red Button Ginger is pollinated by hummingbirds in their native America, while the sunbirds take care to pollinate them in Southeast Asia! I tried Googling “propagating” them and found at least one other person who asked the same question on a forum but I couldn’t see that they got an answer. Patricia Scott (author) from North Central Florida on January 15, 2015: Thank you for stopping by. A day or two later, a second bloom. Voted up. Thank You !! It can be left in your hair if desired. Very, very cool. I turned the camera on and off more than once and one of those times I caught the flash of a message in the screen on the back of the camera. When spaced further apart, the less often they will need to be propagated by division in the future. In late summer, green bracts shaped like a pine cone emerge from the ground on slightly shorter stalks. I'm going to add a link from this hub to mine titled Pictures of the versatile ginger plant gracing our backyard. Meta – I’m so glad someone understands. A few days after that, a very tightly wound leaf stalk emerged, standing tall. Then walking back, yet again, to get down on one knee. Up, interesting, and awesome. There are many other uses for this plant. In time, a clump 3 to 5 feet in diameter can grow from a single starting rhizome. Cream-colored flowers with a spicy aroma bloom from the bracts. The CF card was still in the computer. They are easy to grow and care for. Pinecone ginger will take over if not monitored because it grows well and spreads easily on its own. I suppose I will need to get some of them...I am anxiously awaiting the cones again this year. Angels are on the way ps. I’ve been having some problems along those lines so this was nothing new but when it would not fire time after time, well, that was new. They are dormant right now as it is cool time here in Florida. It's fall and these beauties are back in all of their glory... the vibrant red is indescribable. The gingers were in the woods because I got tired of them spreading in my flower beds. I planted them by my fence today. I have had these plants around my pool /patio area for years , had no clue what they were Thanks for clearing that up. Potted Ginger Plant Care Plant your ginger plant in well draining, good quality, loamy potting soil. Didn’t move them so it wasn’t that they didn’t like a change of location. If temperatures stay above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it will flower most of the year. Thank you for stopping by. Since I will always take plants, I, of course, jumped at the chance to receive them. This necessitated heaving my hulking body back to a standing position and walking back in the miserable heat (Yes, Virginia, we’ve had a warming trend) to retrieve the card. One thing to remember is that they really do spread. Patricia Scott (author) from North Central Florida on May 26, 2013: During this time of the year, I am missing this beautiful cone. Sounds interesting. i will only use one..they are far too pretty to be used on my hair....thank you as usual for stopping by. I will be back to see your other hubs. Sometimes even after a hard freeze, it will grow back from the roots. Thanks. Establish in rich, moist soil that ranges between neutral (6.6 – 7.3) and slightly acidic (6.1 – 6.5). Patricia Scott (author) from North Central Florida on April 27, 2018: Yes that would work but you really do want to bring them in if you will have extended freezing weather. As luck would have it, I had not located the name of this plant but I had photographed it in case I would ever have the opportunity to share this story. Yes, I am eagerly awaiting a few months from now, probably September, when these lovelies peek out again. Beautiful., They are mainly tropical plants which grow well in zone 8 but are also said to grow in zones 9-11. It is very clear and almost escapes your eye. Blooms are edible and make lovely cut flowers. To introduce something to another garden addict. Up and sharing. thank you for stopping by. You’ll notice a ginger scent. Same patch on 9/19/2017 . The moisture from this cone can be used to wash your hair, leaving it feeling squeaky clean. For some reason, maybe just my computer, but your first photo was a bit blurry. The answer is sunbirds. I adore these plants..they are a novelty every time the cones appear.. thank you for visiting, AuFait Hoping all is well with you and yours this evening Angels are winging their way to you on this lovely Friday evening. Any reason, treatment? An easy to grow member of the ginger family, it … Pinecone ginger grows in full sun to part shade in humus-rich amended soil that is well-drained. That would be fun to try! Sunbird-pollinated plants have developed perches in the form of thick leaves known as bracts.

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