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arthur gets fem merlin pregnant fanfiction

And then he was on his stomach on the bed, and Arthur was rubbing his ass and whispered in his ear, "Merlin, Merlin, I've wanted you for so long. ", "Shoot me?" That is the law of magic. FemMerlin, full summary inside. Lancelot, make sure that Merlin gets food and sleep once you're back. Lancelot was holding Aiden in his arms and smiling like he was the child's father as Elyan and Percival sat on either side grinning from ear to ear, while Merlin was resting on Gwaine's shoulder in an utterly defeated yet delicious-looking sort of way. He turned a bit as everyone stood and brushed themselves off, then turned back and said, "Gwaine? She would use her magic to go backwards and forwards between Camelot to sit with Gaius and talk to him, or to go and see her mother. "Merlin you're pregnant." Merlin is a girl. Then Arthur leaned down and began kissing him again and Merlin couldn't contain himself any longer (even though he had been using magic before). Arthur is a Gryffindor, also in his 5th year, and is Quidditch Captain. Ten minutes later found Merlin laying on his back on the bed in Gaius' quarters, the room lit up with candles and Arthur by his side holding his hand. ", Arthur frowned and looked at Merlin. Gaius' eyes flashed with amusement. "I was hoping you could make good on my lifting the ban on magic. At least for now. "The father?" SUMMARY: When Merlin finds herself pregnant with Arthur's child, she is forced to leave Camelot by Uther, so that Arthur will never know. Tomorrow morning there will be no sleeping in, I can promise you that!". Oh yes, this was going to work perfectly. "Let her know that I'll find a way to contact her when I find somewhere to settle. "But it doesn't matter how I look at him. Your review has been posted. Aiden was already wrapped up again in the book and kicking his feet in the air absentmindedly. I didn't know." "Why did you banish Merlin?" Merlin protested, throwing his hands up in the air and dropping his belongings. Leon brought him a bowl of stew and he ate it hungrily, wondering how long it would be before Elyan arrived with the horses. "It's quite alright Emrys. A girl that will, in time, mother a legend. "I mean to say." ", "Really? ", "But when Morgana was pregnant all she did was nap in the day eat a lot and have mood swings.". ", Arthur just nodded and kissed his niece on the head as he left to follow Merlin. There was a knock at the door and Gwen went to open it. "Arthur," Merlin finally said, "I'm sorry. Merlin smiled up at the dragon and did as he asked. Fortunately Arthur looked back at me before leaving the room to see me fast asleep. His Merlin. She looked at Arthur as Gwen shut the door behind him. "How do I find them?" ", "Oh I am, Leon calls her his little princess. He stepped forward to the altar and tenderly reached to stroke the newborn's cheek. The baby seemed to calm at his touch. With that, he squashed their mouths together and Merlin's mind went blank except for the delicious taste of Arthur's warm mouth directly in contact with his own. "What are we going to do about the baby? "Aiden's fine, just needed to be rocked." The title comes from a song on the Sucker Punch soundtrack. Anywho, I hope you all enjoy the fic. "You don't deserve her Arthur." Iseldir replied. When we met my mother?" "I... just don't have a choice Morgana. "No," Merlin countered, his hands trailing down Arthur's back to find that perfect arse, "your mouth is perfect.". She looked at Arthur. They were chasing some magical beast who just happened to be a magical sorcerer and now they were crying. Merlin! Morgana told him quickly. Uther shot back. Uther looked at Morgana and Arthur as they stood in the room, and the doors closed behind them. "Oh, alright then," Merlin sighed. A new child is always a blessing." "Alright, what are you waiting for? Exhaustion crept through every bone in her body and she found herself feeling sick every day. Arthur was still in a daze, but produced the very small vial. "Gwaine, you know I love you as a friend. Her heart had already been broken. And then I am going to examine you as if you were a woman and then after that I will use magic to check you over. "Well Aiden, if it isn't your father, come back from some ever so important round table time.". As soon as he was, Merlin lifted up his shirt and whispered, holding a hand to his chest. Merlin asked. he said huskily. If there hadn't been five knights and a sleepless night and Merlin's magic between them just then, Arthur would have kissed him. As Maleagant reached the bowl towards Merlin, Arthur began screaming at the top of his lungs. And so it will be for the young witch arriving at the gates of Camelot. Merlin asked. Just imagine the whole Arwen development as being fem Merlin/Arthur development instead. He looked over at Arthur and nodded. "Is that all I am Arthur?" "Don't worry about it Merlin, as long as you are alright." Arthur began sniffling and there was nowhere he could wipe his nose with his arms chained above his head, unless he wanted to rub it raw against his breastplate or chainmail. That is, unless you're going to move into the barracks with Gwaine. Merlin's throat went dry and he was barely coherent as Arthur pulled off his own boots and socks. I need to let Gaius know. Merlin said sadly. Once they were out of sight, Arthur practically collapsed on a log near the fire. He would demand to marry Merlin instead. Merlin was sure today was the day she would give birth. ", "I can do things in the day and make sure I sleep through the night.". Years later, Merlin's daughter, Freya, arrives in Camelot. "Arthur I have had all of them." I think it is because since I became your husband I don't run around and work all day like I used to.". She had to protect her child. Leon said, jumping forwards when he saw Merlin sag in Arthur's arms. Finally, the air cleared. She heard her child cry for the first time and cried with relief. Arthur paused, looking Merlin straight in the eye. ", "Because, obviously, it's magical. "Pregnant?" Merlin had simply disappeared. Slapping his knee, Gwaine continued, "The way he talks about you, it's like you're his paramour or something. When a young girl is sent to Camelot, the legend of Merlynn and Arthur … "Not like that!" ", If Gwaine was surprised or offended he didn't bother to show it. "Arthur is marrying another tomorrow and he doesn't care for me any longer. Does Freya have her mot. This story will have seven chapters, a chapter a day :). "Sir Gwaine, I believe it's your turn to duel me. She couldn't allow herself to be executed. Go to the druids in Escetia and they will help you when the time comes for your child to be born." The knights each bowed to their king and while they were distracted, Arthur took off as fast as he could without seeming rude. "Father of your baby? ", Arthur dropped Merlin's hand. "Arthur, you love Merlin. ", The physician nodded and picked up another book. It was an odd sensation, Merlin thought, as the baby began to gulp milk coming from Merlin's breast. He just nodded, but Merlin grabbed his arm and turned him to face his manservant directly. Gaius asked when Merlin stepped out, all his worldly possessions in hand. Gaius watched as Merlin packed her meagre possessions and the magic book. Arthur found that he didn't care if Merlin had magic or not. "Pregnant?" ", "But he was still sleeping Arthur. Merlin went to Gaius, the day before Arthur's wedding, to finally discuss her ailments with her Uncle. I mean, no, I'm not moving to the barracks. It would be oh so easy to kill Merlin. His voice sounded strangled and desperate. "Dollophead," Aiden said without looking up at Arthur. He handed it to Merlin, then watched as Merlin washed the little baby, who was still wriggling but had seemed to quiet under Merlin's gentle touch and was now sucking on his fist. "Gwaine, I assume that with your exceptional knowledge of the women in Camelot, you might be able to find us a good wet nurse? ", They fell silent, or at least as silent as one can be while tears ran down their cheeks. Merlin versus the Improbable Pregnancyby onetruependragon, "Merlin," Arthur hissed once Maleagant had disappeared, "I demand that you stop that sniffling this instant. Gaius looked up from his book. And for the love of Camelot, we'll have to find a wet nurse. "Where do you think you're going?" Arthur grinned, his eyes viewing Merlin like a wolf closing in for the kill. Leon looked around the table of knights, confirming with Lancelot and Gwaine that they were indeed done, and then nodded his head in affirmative. Merlin felt his limbs regain their strength and he sat up unexpectedly. Odd, how the child could bring out such passion in him. ", "Arthur," Gwaine said. He finally threw it in, and without looking at Merlin, asked, "Is he Maleagant reincarnated? "What so then you can say I am fat and get back at me for when you said I called you fat when all I did was take a couple of sausages!" He walked over to the bed and gently shook his husband awake. I've read all female Merlin stories out there I think and I just thought I'd give it a try. "If you say so, Sire. ", Merlin swallowed visibly. Despite Merlin letting the baby suck on his fingers, he would stay quiet only for a few minutes before wailing again. ", "I suppose," Merlin replied, doubtful. "But after this we need to get back to… oh, Arthur, yes, please," and well, Arthur knew exactly what Merlin really wanted. Merlin replied. ", "Can't you check him over first using magic?" However, Uther knew that if he killed Merlin merely for being pregnant that he would become the monster that many believed him to be. She knew that telling Arthur would be pointless. Merlin replied. "Come on sweetheart let's get dressed so Gaius can check you over. Iseldir replied. ", "Keep your hands off Merlin," Arthur said, trying to busy himself with tightening his belt and adjusting his sword. "I mean, I do like him. Merlin replied. "Her name is Freya.". "Emrys," Maleagant whispered, opening his eyes and stopping in front of Merlin. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I'm going to miss you. In response, Arthur put his arms around Merlin's waist and pushed him over onto his back. he said presently, pulling off his red scarf and wiping some of the grime off the baby's face. Arthur cleared his throat. I leave but this advice: take the child as your rightful heir." Just about as big as your room at Gaius'. That was when the door opened to reveal Uther Pendragon, who glowered at Merlin angrily. Morgana this isn't funny I really worried Arthur. He reached down and cupped Merlin's jaw with his hand. When Merlin finds herself pregnant with Arthur's child, she is forced to leave Camelot by Uther, so that Arthur will never know. Merlin's face whitened a bit, but Arthur carried on. ", "I know that Merlin. ", "And I say no Merlin; we will get to the bottom of this. Merlin wished he could speak, but his lips fell open without voice. Leon teased, grinning. He turned back to Merlin, crouching down to be at eyelevel with him. Her own voice laced with ice. Morgana took in a deep breath of fresh air before she closed the window. Because there's a year gap between series three and four. Aileena asked. Gaius looked stricken at the thought that Arthur would hurt Merlin in such a way. In and out he slid, Merlin dry humping the mattress and arching his back into the slippery fingers. "None of this is your fault. Warnings: Mpreg. She nodded her understanding and only then did Uther leave the room. ", Merlin thought to himself, That's just it. If I'm truly meant to help Arthur build a great kingdom then I will. I'd like you to move in." "I am going to have a walk in the forest; I will leave you to your council." But where is Merlin? Arthur stood there. "He is probably just tired Arthur, he told me about what happened earlier, if he is napping in the day he isn't getting much sleep at night. Arthur looked at Morgana sadly. For once, Arthur didn't remind Merlin that it wasn't his place to give orders; instead, he collected a canteen out of their supplies that Maleagant had left on the other side of the room. Should Arthur learn Merlin was pregnant with his child, then Arthur wouldn't marry Elena.

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