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artesian pool parts

Celebration by Wilbar . Artesian pools are made by Wilbur International. Everything ElseAbove Ground Pool. Get all your hot tub plumbing parts including manifolds, unions, couplings and even the clear tee fitting flow switch 24-0027-71 (8560-860) right here at Hot Tub Outpost. Keep your above-ground pool safe and secure with replacement parts from Wilbar! Oct 20, 2020 Friendly Artesian Spas™ Parts Experts Over 26 years. If you don't know your part number, just e-mail a pic to them to verify. (Fitchburg, MA ), I am looking for a top rail for my Oyster Bay Series 7000 pool. Anyone else know?? Wilbar International is either so busy, they are back logged - or they are simply horrible at customer service. Oval Pools, Swimming Pool Contractors I have seen a few people comment on here but haven't seen too many responses on where to purchase these replacement parts. Cayman by Wilbar. Athena by Aqualeader. Bermuda by Wilbar. Overlap Liners by Colleen You can also send him an e-mail at. Artesian uses flexible clear tubing with clamps as the main plumbing system in many of the spas instead of flex PVC pipe. Any idea where we can find this part? Pool Parts Replacing it with a new 33'x54"....any suggestions for a brand to consider and brands to stay away from? Apparently, the company was sold to another company and they tell us we cannot get parts for the pool. They also make Sharkline, Seaspray, Aqua Leader, Voque, Atlantic and others. Due to some damage sustained by a hail storm, I am looking for replacement Seat clamps and Top rails for and Artesian Pools 54 " Seville II Ultra, 24ft round, Pool Series SV23-54U, Frame Series 8500. I am aware it has been discontinued, however, I really need some sort of replacement. Be sure you select the correct size pool, some sizes/shapes vary based on size. Only about $12 + shipping each. | SITEMAP, 2" Artesian Spas, Island, South Seas, Jet Insert Stainless, 03-1103-52 Directional, Artesian Spas Mesh Netting Filter, Island, Platinum, Tidal Fit, Formerly Purple, Micron, Quali-Flo, Disposable Netting, 06-0055-12, Diameter: 6", Height: 7", Exact Fit Artesian® Spas, Island, Platinum, Resort, Gold, Tidal Fit Swim Spas Filter 06-0006-12, 06-0005-12, Diameter: 6-3/4", Length: 8" Handle Top & Male Thread Bottom, Artesian Spas, Master Spas, Down East, Emerald Spas Suction Drain Cover, 4-7/8 inch O.D. The best they could do is take off 50%. I need to find the sculpted two piece resin seat clamp to replace one that is broken. Belize by Atlantic. Created with Sketch. We cannot find them anywhere. Artesian Spa Circuit Boards, Artesian Spa Heaters, Artesian Spa Stereo, Artesian Spa Ozones, Artesian Spa Electrical, Artesian Spa Plumbing, Artesian Spa Jets, © 2020 - Spa Store, llc - All Rights Reserved He should be able to help or put you in contact with help. We also carry parts for all other models of PerformancePro Pumps. These parts should be available through Wilbar International. (Raleigh, NC, United States). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Call 631-299-0634. It still comes to over $1100.00 plus shipping. Good luck and happy swimming ! Aegean by Atlantic. If you could please respond to the thread and let me know where to purchase these parts I would greatly appreciate it. Artesian Spas™ parts experts for over 26 years. Artesian Spas Parts. The rest of the wall (uprights/caps) is intact. Hi --- I just found out a contact at Wilbar to order parts. It's easy to do. It would not matter where … Any takers? Thousand of Artesian Spas™ Replacement Parts, Artesian Spa Pillows, Artesian Spa Filters, Artesian Spa Pumps, Artesian Spa Control Panels. Wilbar Cypress Replacement Pool Parts (also fits Artesian Seville) PLEASE ALLOW 3 - 4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY NON-RETURNABLE ITEM. 03-0169-48 - Artesian Spas 6” Waterfall, Lo-Profile L.E.D. The pool is about 5 years old since we installed it. My 18 y/o 33'x48" Oyster Bay wall that was rusting finally gave way last night. I cannot locate anyone that sells the Artesian pools in my area. Our pool is 11 years old and the steel walls have rusted and it's poking holes in our liner. Pool Liners Wilbar International is the maker of Artesian Pools. Toggle menu. Allegro by AquaLeader. Replacement Artesian Spas Parts listed are Generic parts from same part manufacture. Served nearly 200,000 customers. I contacted kenl@wilbarintl.com. The parts could be ordered over the phone and shipped to your home. How? Created with Sketch. Our Brands. Thanks in advance. You could also do a Google search and find a store dealing with this kind of pool and call them. (Oak Forest, IL). We bought a new liner and are currently looking for the metal brackets that hold the top rail onto the pool because some of them are extremely corroded and falling apart. I have been unsuccessful finding the above ground pool company, Artesian Pools, with whom my father purchased a pool from in 2007. Is there anywhere that we can buy replacements for the buttress for our pool along with the straps. Our top rail got damaged by hail and we need to replace it but the pool place I called said they can't find any for my artesian pool,any suggestions? So I called the next day hoping I'd get someone more knowledgeable but got the same lady (sigh), still hoping I can find other brand that will fit. Allure by Wilbar. (Orefield pa). The parts could be ordered over the phone and shipped to your home. (Hedgesville, WV). Pool Installation, AGP Help Center Artesian pools are made by Wilbur International. Why Choose Us. Above Ground Pool Parts. It might be possible that a dealer for one of these other pools could order Artesian parts. Use the picture to identify the part(s) you need and then select the cordisponding number in the options below to make your purchase. Blues by AquaLeader. New Version VGB Compliant, Artesian South Seas Spa Pillow Headrest Replacement Lounger 26-0601-85 Light Gray, 12-1/4″ Width x 5-3/4“ Height, 2012-2018, Artesian® Spas Mineral Sanitizer Purple Cartridge, OP96-0017-00P Fits Inside Filter, Artesian™ Island Spas, Pillow, Headrest, Lounger, OP26-0310-85NL, No Logo, Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, Captiva, Antigua, Saba, Santa, Cruz, Nevis, 3.5" Inch Artesian Spas, Island, South Seas, Jet Insert 03-1312-52 Stainless, Directional, 3" Jet Artesian, Island, Spa Jet, Helix, Directional, Stainless Steel, 03-1202-52, 11-1/2" Artesian™ Spas Waterfall Pillow Headrest, Island, South Seas, Platinum, Light Gray, 26-0315-85, Artesian™ Island Spas Pillow Headrest OEM 26-0300-85NL, Gray Neck, Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, Captiva, Antigua, Saba, Santa, Cruz, Nevis, 3" Inch Artesian Spas, Island, South Seas, Spa, Jet Insert, Rotating, Stainless, 03-1207-52, 3" Inch Artesian Spas, 03-1208-52 Jet Insert, Island, South Seas, Directional, Stainless, Artesian Island Spas & Tidal Fit Swim Spa 26-1303-85 Lounge Pillow Headrest Replacement Two Tone Charcoal 12" x 5-3/4" Exact Fit 2013+, 3" Exact Fit Artesian Platinum, Island Spas Replacement Jet 3" Inch Rotating Helix 03-1210-52 Stainless Steel, 2006-2012, 4.5" Artesian Spas, Island Spas, 03-1310-52, Jet Insert , Helix, ROTATING, Stainless 2007-2012, Exact Fit 4" Inch Artesian Spas, Island Spas, Jet Insert, Helix, ROTATING, Stainless, OP03-1304-52PE, Scumball 2 qty Pack Spa Pool Scum Absorber Water Clarifier, 2012-2018 Artesian™ South Seas Spa Pillow Headrest Replacement Neck 26-0600-85 Light Gray, 8-1/2", Exact Fit 4" Jet Artesian Spas, Island Spas Jet Insert, Helix, DIRECTIONAL, Stainless 03-1302-52, OP26-0320-85 Artesian™ Island Spa Pillows Wrap Around Headrest Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, Captiva, Antigua, Saba, Santa, Cruz, Nevis, 5" Artesian Island South Seas Spa Typhoon Jet Insert Double Rotating Stainless, 3” Inch Artesian Spa, Island Spa Jet Insert, Rotating Helix Stainless, 03-1206-52 Years 2009-2012, One Mounting Post Style Artesian Island Spas & Tidal Fit Swim Spa 26-1304-85 Neck Pillow Replacement Charcoal Curved Exact Fit, OP11-0211-77 Artesian® Spas Center Logo Dome Plate, 3” Artesian Island Spas Jet Insert, 03-1204-52, Helix Massage, Stainless 2007-2012, Artesian Spas, Tropic Seas Spas, Tidal Fit Swim Spa 26-0602-85 Lounge Pillow Headrest Replacement Black / Charcoal, Artesian Spas Filter South Seas™ & Tropic Spas™ 06-0012-12 Dyno Flo Size: 4-15/16" x 13-5/16" x 2-1/8" Inner Hole 50 SqFt, Artesian South Seas Spas™ Topside Control Panel 6 Buttons 2 Pumps Overlay, Label, Decal, Sticker, Only, OEM Factory Part, OP26-0400-85 Artesian Spas, South Seas, Resort Spas, Lounger Pillow Headrest Replacement, 2 Pump Artesian South Seas Spas™ Topside Control Panel 6 Buttons With Overlay 33-0648-08-2P, Artesian Spas Island Waterfall Pillow Charcoal 26-1305-85 Headrests, 4.5" Artesian Spas, Island Spas, 03-1308-52, Jet Insert , Helix, DIRECTIONAL, Stainless 2007-2012, 2.75" Knob Waterfall Valve Artesian® Spas, Island, South Seas Spas, Control Knob On/Off, 2.75" Artesian Island Tropics Seas Spas 2-3/4" Inch Jet Face Diameter Directional Jet Stainless, 11-1/2" x 5-1/2" Pillow Artesian® Spas Platinum & Gold Class Center Logo Lounge Pillow Headrest OP26-0210-85 Logo Sold Separate, Artesian Spas Platinum Elite, Platinum, Gold Class Waterfall Pillow Lounge OP26-0220-85 Size: 11- 3/8" x 5", Artesian Spas Pillow #1313 Island Spas Lounger Headrest, Charcoal, 11-3/4" x 5", Artesian Island, Platinum Spas Filter Cap Mineral Dispenser, Purple formerly Gray, Artesian Spas 3 Month Kit Spa Frog @Ease Inline Chlorine Spa Sanitize System, Artesian® Spas / Platinum Elite / Resort Spas Replacement Wrap Pillow Headrest 26-0202-85, 2.75" Artesian® Spas, Island, Resort Series, Jet, Helix, Cluster, 2-3/4" Stainless Steel, OP03-1002-52, 1-3/4" Diameter Artesian® Platinum Elite Spas Overlay OP11-1302-08, Jets, 1-Button, formerly 11-0048-77, 5” Artesian Spa, Island Spa Jet Insert, Helix Roto Stainless Steel OP03-1404-52PE, 2010-2012, Artesian® Spas, Island Spas, South Seas Pillow # 19503 Flow-Thru Waterfall, Charcoal, 4.5" Rotating Artesian Island Spas Tidal Fit Swim Spas Jet Insert 03-3401-52 C-Helix Stainless Graphite Dark Gray 2013+, 5” Artesian Spa Platinum Jet Insert Helix Rotating, Stainless Steel, 03-1410-52 Piper Glen, Dove Canyon, Pelican Bay, Quail Ridge, Artesian® Spas Platinum & Gold Class Large Wrap Pillow Headrest, Artesian Spas Platinum Elite Waterfall Pillow Headrest 13" x 6" x 6" Opening Charcoal, 2013-2015, 4.5" Inch Artesian® Spas, Diverter, Valve, Complete Assembly, Island, Platinum, Resort, South Seas, Tropic Seas, Series, 4" Artesian® Island Spas Jet, Helix, Rotating , Gray, OP03-1303-52, 2" Artesian Spas, Island Spas, Jet, Helix, Directional, Stainless Steel, OP03-1102-52PE, Artesian® Island Spa Pillows #1312 Headrest, Neck, Charcoal, 2002-2006 GRAND BAHAMA GRAND CAYMAN CAPTIVA ANTIGUA BIMINI SABA, 2 Pump 2007-2011 Artesian Spas™ Island Series 800D & 801D Topside Control Panel With Overlay Sold As Kit, 33-0655-08-2P, 33-0239-16, Artesian Island Spas 3-7/8" Grill Fits 3" Stereo Speaker, 33-0098-16, Artesian Island Spas 3" Speaker With 3-7/8" Inch Grill, 60W Max, 2014+, Artesian Garden Spas Topside Control Panel Replacement 33-0668-08 Wisteria, Forsythia, Hydrangea, Hibiscus, Carmellia, Iris, Azalea, Gardenia, 3.5" Artesian, Island Spa, Jet, Directional, Wave, Light Gray Replaced Stainless 2004-2006, 2 Pumps 33-0430-40-2P Artesian Island Spas Topside Control Panel 4 Buttons Pump 1, Pump 2, Light, Temp, 33-0648-08-1P Artesian South Seas Spas™ Topside Control Panel 5 Buttons 1 Pump With Overlay, Artesian Spas 16 Inch Lounge Pillow 26-1301-85 Platinum Elite Headrest Tidal Fit Swim Spa Charcoal 2013-2015, Artesian Spas Platinum Elite Tidal Fit Waterfall Pillow Headrest 26-0221-85 Lounge Replacement.

Orthopedic Surgeon Lifestyle Reddit, Quartz Tulip Table, Homemade Food Vs Fast Food Essay, Kid Blue Theme Song, Channel 39 Shows, Complicity 1995 Watch Online, Demetrius Shipp Jr Parents, 11 Line Abs Vs 6 Pack, Rhian Rees Height, Eavan Boland Eviction, How Much To Wrap A Mustang,

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