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Binging With Babish is a YouTube series by cook Andrew Rea, who specializes in making the signature dishes from fictional movies and TV shows. How very Tarantino-esque would it be to have Jules’s giant bite of burger at the opening of the movie get a sterling review because it’s got fried SPAM on it, hiding between the patty and the top bun? Why? Mix by hand, refrigerate, press using waxed paper. Then I just grabbed the end of each and unrolled them into a big pile of noodles. It’s not a quarter pounder with cheese — it’s a multi-meat Hawaiian-fusion ‘play’ on the traditional American burger with homemade organic teriyaki ketchup. I hope you dumped the wine in immediately after taking that picture, because otherwise, that garlic is burnt. I just cut the dough ball into quarters, then rolled each quarter out as thin as I could with a rolling pin, floured it well on both sides, then rolled it into a little log and cut it in pasta-width columns. Then I plate and garnish with a healthy sprinkling of chopped tarragon. Andrew on … My case for why my Big Kahuna burger is the Big Kahuna burger, vs. Babish’s for instance, all comes down to a single scene. Pumpkin Spice Showdown — 1) (tie) Vince, Zach 2) Steve You’re totally right. In the far south, it can have seafood. First, you made something you know I’ve made on my show, so that took balls. And I guess enough time has passed that I can talk about this haha, yes, I went through a divorce last year. 24 meatballs later and they’re done. In a large mixing bowl, I combine two eggs plus two yolks, the meat (I had the meat processed at the butcher as I don’t have the means to do that home), oats, half a diced onion, four cloves of minced garlic, chopped handfuls of fresh oregano and basil, the spices listed above with a hint of chili pepper flakes to add a little edge in there, and finally a lot of cranks from the pepper mill and large pinches of salt. Kind of defeats the purpose, if you ask me. Zach on Steve’s Dish: This burger leaves me slightly offended and, maybe even worse, hungry for an actual Big Kahuna burger. I know how much you love that sous vide you have that Steve hates, and this seemed like the perfect time to get a nice soft boil going with the sous vide and then let the eggs finish in the sauce. It’s pretty basic inside, right? It’s just that I think adding a hunk of pineapple makes you change the burger too much. That’s why the would-be MacGuffin thieves referred to it as a “hamburger”. Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Not for a burger though. Burger Showdown — 1) Zach 2) Vince 3) Steve Mama! Really liked the stuff you did together and you seem to get on well. Did I bake it? indeed — but I don’t get the pork in the burger patty. I turn off the heat and let it sit. They just feel superfluous to me. So I didn’t go off the rails with the ingredients and followed what I saw in the film. Steve Bramucci. Three years later, the boys and I are hustling to spin the series into a TV show, it’s given us the chance to get shredded by Padma Lakshmi, and — most importantly — we’ve developed a base of fans who write microfictions and elaborate burns, mocking us mercilessly. All I can say is that the squid ink mostly just gives the pasta a very mild oceany flavor. I put an “x” on this one because there’s zero chance I’d remember which is which at this point. In this dish you get briny mussels, silky pasta, smoky/ fatty bacon, rich butter, and egg yolks, acidic sweet tomatoes to cut the fat, and that herbaceous dusting of tarragon at the end. Well, I am. But, dear reader, this is a long AF recipe and we need to dive right in. Seems like a nice way to tie the whole room/plate together. I actually got a lot out of it. Digging on the Kings Hawaiian roll, the Kewpie mayo, and the jalapeños, all of which sound like they’d be a pretty killer combination. I think you may have crossed the rubicon into madness, Steve. But the compliments end there. Where did this alter ego 'Oliver Babish' come from? I fish the second dough ball from the fridge. Then again, Steve’s major complaint about my dish is that there wasn’t enough bullshit it in to muddle the flavors (he forgets the first rule of Italian cooking: Keep in simple), so I shouldn’t be surprised that his second attempt at a burger is an over-bloated, all-over-the-place, SPAM-laden affair. I get my timpano pan ready. Hot Beef Showdown — 1) Zach 2) Vince 3) Steve Other than that, construction looks relatively sound, until it finally emerges from the oven, when it becomes abundantly clear that you’ve had a major leak. You really need that acidic oily fresh splash to get a full sploosh from me. It’s also thin, like a fast food joint (also, how I prefer my burgers). Speak of the devil, your pasta is looking crazy soft — either it’s way over-hydrated or it’s way under-worked because it’s rolling out and filling your timpano vessel the way fondant icing would. This is a burger you can certainly call a Big Kahuna burger but it’s clearly not the burger from the film. It’s all so obvious now. Born Andrew Douglas Rea on the 2nd day of September 1987, the media star was born in Mendon neighborhood of New York, United States. The fuck are oats doing in your meatballs my dude? I am going to roast you wherever I see daylight though, and that’s those tomatoes. Certainly not the Big Kahuna burger. That’s why I don’t like putting them in a heavy tomato sauce or an arrabbiata. Especially with Rea, the unarguable mayor of food in pop culture, overseeing our efforts. Wuhbam. This worked only to a point, as you can see. I’m tired at this point and I don’t do a great job of making the top look pretty. An ultra-yolky pasta dough makes sense with this dish, given its rather mild, seafood-y, broth-y sauce. I digress…. I love all things squid. Then my onions cooked in lard. My poor fingies can't keep up but we'll persevere! So I kept this pretty basic (yes, I added bacon — store didn’t have pancetta, wasn’t that important of a difference — because it goes great with clams and mussels). No? Party Food Showdown: 1) Steve 2) Vince 3) Zach* But for me, there was one obvious and correct choice here, and that was The Sopranos. I’m a Tarantino fan. Sean in the Wild S1 • E41 Sean Evans, Binging with Babish, and the Needle Drop Review Melons | Sean in the Wild - Duration: 9:26. Next, I put it in the fridge with a brick on top to compress it and let the fat reabsorb. I don’t really know why keeping this true-to-film became so important to me, but it was a fun challenge to secretly write an idea into the Tarantino universe. Oh wow, you’re a Tarantino fan? Photo: AP/Mary Altaffer Mac and cheese, 18th-century style. 82 garganelli I’m finally done. As it stands, the score is: Home made squid ink fettuccine with mussels and bacon, inspired by the Sopranos, for the latest @uproxx cooking battle for @uproxxlife. I just didn’t want to have my burger end up too similar to the fast-food standard. I'm being told that the book is sold out Amazon, but there are copies available at Barnes & Noble! But, hey, you do you, bro. So I keep about eight meatballs to the side and rotate them in every hour or so. With the sauce done, I cook the noodles in salty water for a couple of minutes (fresh pasta doesn’t take long), then scoop it out with a strainer scoop and put it right in the pan with the sauce. Don’t worry, it happens to lots of guys, *back-pat*. So I guess my main quibble is that… despite all that work, this seems… maybe a little dry? A post shared by Zach Johnston (@ztpjohnston) on Jul 12, 2019 at 1:13am PDT. The anticipation is astounding. I admit, I’m reaching for roasts again — for the most part, you pulled off a dish that most ‘seasoned’ (heh) kitchen veterans wouldn’t dare touch. Or gnocchi. Grilling Showdown: 1) Zach 2) Steve 3) Vince*. This is the kind of burger I hold over the cardboard box it came in with one hand while the other palms the steering wheel for a four-point turn in my pick-up while I drive across town to pick up the kids from my ex-wife. He took up cooking as a hobby to honor his late mother who taught him how to cook when he was young. Italian Comfort Food Showdown: 1) Steve 2) (tie) Zach & Vince I get a cast iron skillet nice and piping hot and add some olive oil. Single now? Why Guiseppe he donna cook-a the macaroni? I really like teriyaki flavors on a burger. Bison to reference his heritage? I then dunk them into ice water in a bowl to stop the cooking. But I won’t. Few people in the food space are as aligned with Zach, Vince, and my shared mantra of “make food conversation fun” as Rea. I grate fresh parmesan over the top and add a small crank from the nutmeg mill as a final garnish. Jesus, I need an oxygen mask for a minute. King’s Hawaiian, obviously. Um… Cool? Also, it lasted and held it’s shape really well for storage and reheating for leftovers which was another nice surprise. He looks at it like, examining it with his fork, clearly wondering “what the fuck is this weird-ass food?”, All his life he’s been waiting to eat some glorified version of mama’s meatballs, only to find this intimidating seafood shit. Its dry, tough texture is probably the only thing it has in common with the burger seen on screen. 1/4 cup organic pineapple juice (strained from a can of crushed pineapple). I always wondered how they got that cubed sliced roasted pork loaf texture in some Vietnamese dishes and this sounds like it’d be something like this. Winter Stew Showdown — 1) Zach 2) Steve 3) Vince Once the garlic is cooked, add the tomatoes and turn up to medium. I add in fresh sprigs of basil and oregano and plenty of salt, cover, and let simmer. Yes, there are famous and memorable food scenes from The Godfather, Goodfellas, Chef, Crazy Rich Asians, Always Be My Maybe, …etc. I add in the onions and garlic and sweat them for a good five minutes with a large pinch of salt until they’re translucent. Shellfish Showdown — 1) Vince 2) Zach 3) Steve Next, I get a large pot of water boiling with a good punch of salt. So many questions that I dare not seek the answers to. This makes it awesome! If there’s one thing I know about fast food, it’s that it’s simple, and construction is paramount. Second, big ups for making everything from scratch — that’s how the brothers did it, that’s how I did it, and that’s how you should do it.

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