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44 mag rifle for deer

They didn’t get him tho, they just shot holes in their camper. I’ll take one over a shotgun any day. Both are deadly and I agree that the real issue is range. Some people even hunt with .44 Magnum revolvers. In many cases, the round will take down an elk as long as you are able to place it well. I would like to have a Ruger 77/44, but not for $900.00 purchase price. Just as the .38 Special can be fired from the .357 Mag. You can find a wide range of bullets for the .44 Magnum, especially since there are so many different rifles out there that utilize the round. When fired from the 20-inch barrel of a lever-action rifle, a 240-grain .44 Magnum bullet can reach velocities of up to 1,760 feet per second, 27.54% faster than when the same bullet is shot from a 6-inch revolver. There are certain considerations to be made when choosing to carry a revolver-caliber rifle as opposed to carrying a revolver when hunting. They have two 180gr loads (medium cast HP and SJHP) that are not +p and they both net 1950-2000fps out of an 18.5″ Marlin 1894. I mainly own pistol caliber rifles in the Magnum flavors. The major stopping points are price, they are all collectible now it seems. I prefer the steel Henry to the brass receiver .357 that I got rid of. Sadly, they seem to have reduced current production to .45 Colt. Now if you want to try something different…. Mag. That 180gr, which has about the same SD as a 125gr. If the muzzle loader is a 12 pounder, yes. My son is a carpenter. The Henry USA .44 Magnum rifle chambers are the most versatile and adopt all the ranch uses as they are good for every work style. There are pure lead bullets available to the Cowboy Action shooters, and hard-cast lead bullets—as heavy as 340 grains—for those who want to hunt the big beasties. Picked up a new Winchester 1892 Delux Trapper Takedown in 44 magnum last month. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. I shoot a TC contender pistol in the 44 rem mag. By the way I want to emphasize how fantastic lever-action rifles in .44 Magnum are for home defense. Winning the “best” .44 Mag. Really anything with a JHP, particularly an XTP-flavored bullet such as the kind that Hornady offers, coupled with a less powerful powder charge will do it. Yes, it’s not cool about using the .38 specials in .357 until AFTER you buy the gun. Cost can be anywhere from about $700 to almost $2,000, depending on the make/model and, of course, the store you buy it in. Another consideration is the length of time it takes to reload. The cartridge might not have as much punch as a .44 mag but it has more far punch than a 9X19mm any day and not many of us would like to get shot by a 9X19! Don’t forget to take a look at Editor’s Picks for even more great options in ammo and guns! This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google If you insist on nothing but the best in lever guns, Winchester – of course – still makes the Model 1892. That means you’ll only have to make a single trip to your favorite ammo dealer to get ammo for both your rifle and revolver. The .44 Mag. They make one of the best brush guns you can get for most game. Another reason why it makes sense to get a rifle or carbine in .44 Magnum is, if you already happen to own a revolver chambered for this cartridge, then you won’t have to buy different ammo. The replacement Marlin has been great. Seems like you lose too much velocity with a 16″ or SBR yet inside a 3′ hallway they’re still not nearly as maneuverable as a pistol. I stopped, did a left face, and as I approached the rifle I about fell out. The ammo cost is a bit much but fun never the less. and tryed bolt shims, and about 10 different loads. A .44 Mag rifle is a great option for hunting deer. The Model 44, which has a closed received and tubular magazine, is a bit more common on the used market (it was in production for longer) but parts are hard to come by, so tread carefully. But you get a 20-inch barrel, blued steel finish with walnut stock and furniture, 10 rounds on tap in the magazine, and Winchester’s attention to fit and finish. That should be enough to take down bear-size game at distances of up to 30 yards. Also, you don’t have to keep typing your name and e-mail address on any additional replies in that article. Years back I bought a Win ’94 Trapper (16″ bbl) in .44 mag (sans safety) and had a good smith convert it to takedown. Between you, me, and the lamppost, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a 250 grain lead RNFP. The longer barrel makes their blast considerably more quiet than any other firearm platform except for carbines shooting 9mm or .40 S&W. Would love to see what that load would get out of a rifle that could handle the pressure. Some of the more popular ones are Henry Repeating Arms‘ Big Boy rifles that can be chambered for an assortment of revolver cartridges from the .327 Federal Magnum all the way up to the fat .45 Long Colt. That being said, there won’t be much leftover when you are done. But you *do* need to continuously make sure that box is checked on every post, and even then it occasionally drops off so you can start again. But considering the bear defense scenario above, if you have to face two charging bears from 10 yards away and you unfortunately don’t have enough ammo in your rifle’s tubular mag to take them down, you’ll be at a real disadvantage if you have to reload one round at a time — if you’re carrying a magnum revolver with speedloaders this shouldn’t be too big of an issue. The Ruger tube fed .44 mag is a joy to shoot. It functions flawlessly with certain types of ammunition and it will NOT function at all with other types of ammunition — which I have heard from other sources as a fairly frequent problem. My Henry Big Boy in .357/.38 special is terrible with the smaller caliber. Look up the definitions of a word before you try, and fail, to correct someone. Not long ago we covered the Best .44 Magnum Rifles and Revolvers…. Gun makers have been making perfectly round bbls for a couple hundred years w/o needing to make a suspicious dove tail cut that serves no purpose and then turning the bbl over so you cant see it. The Winchesters were a .44mag carbine and a .45 Colt rifle. These guns are serious in fun and utility. Okay, the truth is these are .44 Special – but in our opinion that is what you want for 2-legged threats. into the ‘hard-hitting’ class of handgun cartridges, for sure, but it isn’t only limited to handguns. I have the wood model .44 ruger. …but what if the intruder takes cover behind your refrigerator, gun safe, or that engine block you’ve been working on? “They pack more punch at close range, meaning they’re better both in a home defense role and for hunting.” Again, packs more punch than what? Safe. Is the .44 mag legal for Bigfoot hunting, I seen a movie along time ago and that’s what they used when a Bigfoot was tearing up they’re RC. I also have the equivalent Rossi rifle which is nearly indistinguishable from the H&R. Everyone and their brother makes an AR-15; they’re virtually a cliche at this point. rifle for deer I'd go with a 240 or 265 gr LRNFP and a hefty load of 2400 (Ranch Dog's LRNFP was designed as a hunting bullet and has reportedly been an excellent hunting bullet, and accurate in all my 44 Magnums). Just expensive to run. over 50 yards away, it make perfect sense to get a carbine that can shoot the same round. Expensive but will stop whoever and whatever. The benefits of a spitzer bullet is better accuracy, higher velocity for the same amount of recoil, and a better cartridge in general. Not that it would matter too much when hunting where often, assuming you’re facing the animal’s broadside, a single hardcast semi-wadcutter 240-grain bullet in the lungs will be more than enough for a quick humane kill. But of course, even the (almost) most powerful handgun in the world is no good without something to make it go bang, and that’s why we’ve assembled a list of the finest .44 Magnum ammo to be found on store shelves.

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