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25 acp vs 22lr

So, according to Greg’s study, about a third of the people shot with a .25 or a .22 did not immediately change their behavior. 25 ACP velocities at 7 yards: 865, 866, 875, 855 (35 grain JHP) Needless to say I was impressed by the little bullets performance. There are still some good reasons to choose a 25. That’d end up being more of a “.25cal Long Colt” type, wouldn’t it? And as Harrell states in the video, sometimes you need a really little gun. But which of the two is better for defense? Is the .25 ACP better than the 22LR? I would stay away from the smaller calibers unless it's a last resort. The advice I've heard re .25 is that if you ever have to shoot someone with a .25, do it and run, 'cause once they figure out you shot 'em they're gonna be really pissed! To answer your question, I hunted for Glaser Safety Slugs and the folks that produce them don’t even catalog them anymore. Where does this number come from when many of us are not twelve inches thick from chest to back? Still, my first experience with the .25 ACP was when I was a kid shooting with my grandfather. Post by AJMD429 » Mon May 25, 2015 4:10 am. Well, the 25 is still more common than you might think. Ultimately, I left the range thinking the little 25 deserved better loadings. I have shot five different examples with no problems. The .32ACP would, of course be preferable. One of te best and smallest 32 autos on the market is the Kel Tec P32. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The 25acp delivers the same blow as the .31 cap & Ball revolver, that is to say 50 grains at 750 fps. She can shoot 44 Specials out of my Super Blackhawk and 9mm from my PT-92 fairly well but anything smaller snaps … With the ballistically similar .22, that number was 31%. The Glaser Safety Slug has long been available in .25; has anyone ever tested them in gelatin?? No, no, I am wrong. John Moses Browning invented the .25 ACP specifically to adress the lack of reliability found in rimfire cartridges. Surprisingly the bullet made a noticeably larger impact, picking the first jug up and off the bench. The .25 acp churns up about 71 ft lbs with a 50 grain bullet, compared to 80 ft lbs for the .22 magnum. 22 LR vs. 25 ACP in a Beretta Tip-up (model 21)...? the .22 is more powerful than a .25 acp. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Would the 25 benefit from the copper bullets with grooves such as Lehigh defense? Like Jesse, I think I would prioritize 32, then 22. They are a lot of fun and some of them very innovative. Help support WeTheArmed.com by visiting our sponsors. In the heyday of firearms, the preference was to match a tiny cartridge to an oversized pistol. She doesn't want a 9mm or a .380, she didn't like them (to snappy. Lethality is not the goal, it is to optimize the expansion and penetration from a short barreled gun at arms length distances. Good information. The stretch cavities for both rounds were a solid inch in diameter and extending three inches in the block, a few inches upon entry. Get all the news and updates from Gun Nuts in your email! European made ammunition is loaded hot. The 22 LR, both in ammunition and firearms, is far more available now. .32 is a far better choice then the .25 or .22. Ruger, are you listening? I believe the potential is there to achieve adequate ballistics for a pocket pistol. the .22 has weak rimfire ignition that takes a while to burn all the power! Get her shooting. 25 acp is better sealed, and hence 'ages well' but honestly for the price of 25 acp ammo you can afford to put new 22LR ammo in monthly and STILL come out ahead. I load it with fmj. 25 ACP would be my last choice. Stay in the know. With the Remington round lost, I fired two Fiocchi FMJ rounds into the block. The increased reliability of 22 LR ammunition did the quarter-bore no favors. Easy to conceal and at least some protection. To all those killed by a 9mm, "Get up! Twelve inches of penetration is what I needed, minimally, for the cartridge to be acceptable for self-defense. All will kill a human. It has been 100% reliable and acceptably accurate. The SP101 is heavy to carry, but the weight makes it soft to shoot. For others, the reasons are less about interest and more about circumstances that chose the 25 for you. But who will do it? That said, they compare very closely to each other when fired from a 2" barrel. This banned the import of many pistols and started the 25s decline in popularity. You were shot with a useless cartridge!" .32 Auto (ACP) Ballistic Test Results. Speer Gold Dots and FTXs are great, but they are simply not appropriate in the small-caliber rounds. Let's find out. 25 ACP velocities at 7 yards: 725, 727, 718, 730 (50 grain FMJ) 22 LR velocities at 7 yards: 860, 840, 850, 850 (36 grain HP) Someone would assume this makes the 22 automatically more suitable, but that would ignore the matter of bullet weight; 50-grain FMJ in the 25 vs 36-grain HP. Still the .25 has been used successfully in the past for personal defense (hence the reason it is still being offered despite so many other guns out there). They’re about the same, and both calibers are going to make little dinky holes in an assailant. The 22 LR isn’t. For the LARGER 25 acp vs 22LR handguns, I'd go with 22LR just for less expensive ammo = more practice. Test gun: KelTec P32 Beretta 81 Cheetah. Less frequently seen today, the 25 ACP is still used in concealable pistols, like the LWS Seecamp. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Wouldn’t get wnough for either to be worth… Read more », Those old Colt & FNH pocket pistols really are tiny, but for me the .25 ACP just doesn’t have enough power to depend on. RSO, Pistol & Shotgun Instructor, Armorer: Colt 1911, M16, Glock, M&P, Rem 700 & 870. More importantly, get her used to carrying a weapon she can get hits with. Put the 25 caliber projectile in a 22 magnum size case and call it the 25 Magnum. Speer Gold Dot 35 grain hollow-points round out the test. Personally I would avoid the .25ACP at all costs...I would feel safer with a good knife or a pocket full of rocks. When I went to look to see where it had stopped I found that the little .25 had penetrated all of the jugs and traveled into the unknown. What I received were hand-me-down stories and cliched one-liners. A similar test using common brand 22 LR ammunition in the same sized handgun gave me similar results, with more than a few brands including CCI Stingers, exceeding the requirement. .25 ACP is ballistically superior to 22LR. the .25 acp has a relatively large primer that burns all power in a short two inch barrel! Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. .25 ACP is supposed to have an edge in primer reliability, but I think that with quality ammo I'd prefer the .22 due to it's edge in power and penetration. I worked at a shell station in Massachusetts in 04 had a crack head pull a Jennings 22 on me demanding cash I laughed and pulled my Glock 10mm he screamed dropped the gun ran outside and fell cracked his skull cops gave me a hard time real nice huh figured I’d share, What hes talking about is failure to stop not kill,big difference.The .357 was developed in the roaring twenties and thirties to penetrate car bodies of bank robbers.The.38 special failures spawned the.357.In both criminals and cars, This is always a funny conversation. Ditto for the .32 NAA. Remember not to judge every book by its cover; the .25 ACP deceptively powerful (or at least more than it appears). -HVS. I took four one-gallon jugs and filled them with water and placed them back-to-back. I do believe that this is the “eternal mousegun debate”, that is if you’ve decided to carry a popgun that starts with a “2”, which should you choose, the .22 LR or the .25 ACP? I would like to see some tests of the .25 NAA round from North American Arms though. Cost $40 back then new. I also collect the old .25 autos. Quote from: Mamba1-0 on July 25, 2011, 08:19:58 pm, http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/2CZ8391305-1.html, http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=248380624, Quote from: crstrode on November 21, 2012, 04:37:45 pm, http://ballisticsbytheinch.com/25auto.html, Quote from: mephisto on July 25, 2011, 02:57:03 pm, NRA Cert. My 317 always did have a pretty good action, but it had to go back to S&W to get either Velocitors or WW Power Points to zero properly. 1st was the 50-grain, shooting all the ammunition through my Caldwell Chronograph to find out how much velocity each load was imparting. My guess? The little .22 penetrated the first two jugs but came to rest in the third, completely and perfectly mushroomed. Today only a few companies make 25 ACP handguns, but there is still quite a variety of ammunition available. I’m not asking you to agree with their conclusions, but their data is interesting. John Browning broke this cycle when he developed his slide operated pistols and was quick to adopt a pocket version for his new tailor-made cartridge, the 25 ACP for the Browning M1905 pistol. Have her try one of the newer .380 pocket pistols (Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard, Diamondback 380, NAA, etc) before she gives up on the .380 cartridge. You are not dead! For a long time, I have wanted to see tangible evidence for that reputation. you think you are smarter than john moses browning? The .22 LR cme up short of the .25 ACP due to the lighter (and softer) lead bullet. But when you are relying on one of several loads to get performance, you really are in a bad way. It would easily go over 1000 FPS. Something most of us don’t know is that the Gun Control Act of 1968 (thanks, government) made it tough for little 25s like these to be imported/manufactured. If you're limited to .22 or .25, absolutely go with .22. When it gets down to it, the debate about which is a better manstopper is no debate at all. You just keep on what doing what you are doing, but don’t vote. out of a barrel longer than two inches!

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