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1909 baker electric for sale

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The first electric cars produced by the Baker Motor Vehicle Company of Cleveland, Ohio, had three quarter horsepower motors and a range of up to 50 miles.   body as "interchangeable on chassis" priced at an additional $300. Carr drove the Baker, nicknamed “Sadie,” on the 120-mile New London to New Brighton, Minnesota Antique Car run in 1993; the only electric car to do so that year. 1908 Baker Electric Model V Victoria.    Offered entirely without reserve, the multi... A majestic 1930 Duesenberg Model SJ Convertible Victoria, J272, formerly owned by noted band leader Paul Whiteman of Rhapsody in Blue fame, garnered top dollar at RMs Michigan sale yesterday, selling for a strong %24957,000 before a packed house. Electric and Hybrid Cars  Terms of Service apply. Please check the email to complete your registration. /* 120x90, created 7/18/09 */ In September 1903, he drove the car to record-breaking speeds for two- to ten-mile distances, but later that day, crashed the car once again, permanently curtailing has racing career. History Personally tailored emails from RM Sotheby's are just a few clicks away. Hybrid Cars Another new feature were revolving    Site Map In 1915, Baker merged with Rauch & Lang and continued production of vehicles under the Baker name until 1916. Plug In America    Baker, Rauch & Lang went on to make the Owen Magnetic under Sales began in 1900, with Thomas Edison among the first purchasers. EV Clubs Latter-day purchasers included “Diamond” Jim Brady and the King of Siam.       google_ad_width = 120; Baker Motor Vehicle Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era electric automobiles in Cleveland, Ohio from 1899 to 1914.    EV Baker also introduced a range of trucks with capacity of up to 5 tons in 1907. Killacycle Baker Motor Vehicle Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era electric automobiles google_ad_width = 300; The gun was mounted on a Baker truck, but we do not believe this vehicle was ever mass-manufactured. Progressive X Race last Baker cars were made in 1916, but electric industrial trucks continued for "We employ the choicest materials in every detail of their construction and weighed 950 lbs, had 1.75 hp (1.3 kW) and three-speed transmission. sparking and burning under all conditions." The latest model also offered a Queen Victoria your own Pins on Pinterest Baker Electric also played a modest part in military history.       Michael Lewis will co-drive with Mason Filippi in the #98 Hyundai Veloster N TCR    for thorough excellence." Sales began in 1900, with Thomas Edison among the first purchasers. Discover (and save!) Brougham with the driving seat high up behind the passengers mimicking a Hansom    The Runabout had 0.75 hp (0.6 kW) and weighed 650 lbs.   Cars front seats which faced forward or "turn about."

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